The Broward County Black Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization dedicated to the economic development and growth of Black businesses and organizations in Broward County, Florida.

We will be the principal advocate and preeminent leader in fostering economic success for Black business owners and the Black business community in Broward County.

Access to Capital – To facilitate access to credit, capital, and other financial instruments for the creation, expansion, and growth of Black owned businesses.

Advocate – To actively lobby for local laws and policies that promote small business growth and to address the unique challenges faced by Black business owners. 

Capacity Building - To aid and support the process of developing and strengthening the skills, abilities, processes and resources of Black businesses so the company grows beyond a small business.  

Community Service – To facilitate and host community events that will provide opportunities, training, internships, and  employment, to the Black community, in order to create stability and growth in blighted areas of the county. 

Connect – To provide access to business opportunities in the private and public sectors by providing information and connecting business owners with decision makers. 

Educate – To help Black business owners achieve exceptional performance and growth through entrepreneur and business management training. 

Promote – To aid in the growth of Black owned businesses by promoting the Buy Black concept within the Black community and promoting the use of Black vendors by other businesses and public entities.