B&P: Where Business & Politics Collide - A monthly program where the Chamber invites elected officials from the city, county, and federal government, to discuss local issues.  This important program gives members access to elected officials to discuss pressing issues regarding business development and more. This provides members with a chance to ask the questions that affect their businesses, communities, and families.

The Hive: Our signature mixer where you not only network but learn about a new trend, business concept, or program to help your business.  All of you busy bees work so hard to grow your businesses, so The Hive is where you can keep up on the latest buzz. Instead of minding your own beeswax, fly on over to The Hive to stay in the “know.”  IT’S THE PLACE TO BEE.

Entrepreneurship Series: The program covers a variety of essential topics to help entrepreneurs start, expand, and grow their businesses.  We want to ensure our members are better equipped for building, leading, and operating their businesses after attending our sessions.